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Multi-tasking since 2010

In 2010, Roman Reijs founded the company Plugg by connecting a group of backliners with the same mindset and passion for the industry. Plugg is the first company in the Netherlands where artists, bands and concert organizers can hire freelance backliners. Jaya soon joins brother Roman and focuses on recruitment and training new talent. Plugg is now active in several countries, helping to create the coolest live productions in the event industry and working with world-famous artists and bands.

Together with our family of event professionals, we ensure that not only our clients, but also all those thousands of concert and festival guests can have a great time.

Our story


In addition to connecting backliners to Plugg, we quickly built up an extensive network among collegues from light & sound, AV, stage and site disciplines. Not only do our interests and objectives coincide, we conitinue to bind event professionals to our community, especially from a social and commercial point of view.


The events sector is the most resilient sector in the Netherlands. We notice this in the way in which fstivals, shows, tours and events are organized to a high standard in a short period of time. With our powerful network of crew & suppliers, we therefore started production activities for every format live event in 2015.


We have been an expert in the field of backline since our foundation. However, collecting and renting out a warehouse full of instruments ourselves is not enough for us. We believe more in an alliance between suppliers, brands and distributors that we work with in order to always be able to deliver what is requested. After all, it is about a happy musician who can give the best performance and thus let people go home with an unforgettable music experience. 

Our team

Roman Reijs

Chief Of Organized Chaos

Jaya Reijs

Chief Talent Officer

Boukje Meulenberg


Amber Jansen


Stefan van Raalte

Market Trader & Productions

Sjon Wevels

Video Specialist & Backliner

Jack van der Hout


Anibal Lizardo


Vera Kraaijkamp

Audio Productions

Floris van Bodegraven

Allround Specialist