The one element musicians need

Even the most talented musicians need a backline for shows, tours and concerts.
We save you finding out. Plugg works together with professional backline (instrument) rental companies throughout Europe. We are not tied up to brands, suppliers and region. We are only bound by quality. Let the specialists do the work so the artists can shine. 

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Get everything in order at once. Our European network of suppliers can meet any request.
We work together with brands and distributors to provide the best service.

On demand delivery

Decide where, when and how you want your backline delivered. We Plugg you play!


We have a highly experienced and technically skilled team of backliners to offer. They take care of setting up, tuning and getting the musical instruments and amplifiers ready to play.

Optimization & maintenance

Do you want to optimize your set-up and need help with that? Is your instrument or amplifier broken or in need of some love? We have our own in-house technical department, allowing us to tackle all projects.


No stress. Always a solution or advice. We are available 24/7.

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Contact us or give us a visit. We love to discuss the possibilities.

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