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Even the most talented musicians require a backline for their shows, tours and concerts. Fortunately, Plugg has got you covered. We provide you with a professional backline when and wherever you need it.

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Simplify your preparations with our comprehensive service. Our extensive catalogue is equipped to fulfill any requirement, working closely with brands and distributors to deliver unparalleled service.

On demand delivery

Decide where, when and how you want your backline delivered. With Plugg, you focus on the performance; we handle the logistics.


Our team comprises highly experienced and technically skilled backliners who ensure your instruments and amps are stage-ready—set up, tuned, and prepared for performance.

Optimization & maintenance

Looking to optimize your setup, or does your equipment need repair or maintenance? Our in-house technical department is equipped to handle all your needs, ensuring your gear performs at its best.


Stress-free solutions and advice are at your disposal around the clock. We're here whenever you need us, ready to assist.

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Reach out to us or drop by for a visit. We're eager to explore the possibilities with you.

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