Tour management

When you're on tour with your band, you know you are going on an adventure. It's good to have someone on board who has been on this adventure before, perhaps a number of times. Who knows what kind of stuff typically breaks, and has a backup at hand. Who knows how to turn every venue, from basement to stadium, into your living room. Booking a tour? Let us turn it into a success.


A Plugg backliners takes care of the backline instruments for an artist or event. This includes setting up, making sure that the instruments are ready to play, taking care of technical issues and taking down the backline at live music productions. Our backliners are on standby at all times during a show and takes responsibility to solve any possible technical problems concerning the backline immediately. Book Plugg backliners for one show, a small tour or any large production.

Stage crew

Our stage crew implements the stage plan of any production. We get the stage ready to play, guarantee on stage safety and have the right backline ready at the right place, at the right time. Doing this, they support the backliners and roadies in their duties. In brief, they are the jack-of-all-trades behind the scenes.

FOH, monitor and light engineers

If you choose to get an experienced stage crew, why not add our engineers? Our engineers l.o.v.e buttons, are in perfect tune with the stage crew and have what it takes to make the artist look and sound at its best. Our team, including both stage crew and engineers, have seen every venue, from basement to stadium.