• Stage manager

    If you have a crew - but need a stage brainiac to run everything smoothly according to plan.

  • Stage crew

    If you are or have a stage manager, and need all-round crew taking care of super fast change-overs.

  • Stage team

    The full monty. Have your entire stage schedule worked out by professionals.

All-round stage crew

Festivals. It's a whole different ballgame. If you want to entertain a big audience, you need your stage(s) to be run smoothly by professional stage managers and an all-round crew. Changing weather conditions, fast change-overs, massive crowds - they require experience and a flexible mindset.

Technically speaking

When you run a festival stage it really, really helps to be multifunctional. Plugg provides a skilled stage team covering all disciplines - but rest assured who are more than willing to work with each and every stage manager, stage crew, backliner, FOH engineer, monitor engineer and LD operator on your staff. Our job is a job well done when a show runs smoothly while the crowd hasn't even noticed of us.